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I want to train my global team on my e-learning platform

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Optimize e-learning through localization
  • Are you launching or upgrading your e-learning platform to train or onboard your international team members?
  • Do you need to facilitate learning for client education or continuous learning?
  • What is the best way to optimize this for multilingual users?

The short answer is: localize. After all, content is most easily absorbed in the user’s own language, so offering training material in the user’s native tongue makes it much easier to grasp new concepts.

Localization not only addresses the translation of your training material but also any cultural sensitivities or nuances. This increases retention by showing your teams and customers inclusivity and commitment and that you value them.


Utilizing localization for your e-learning initiatives is becoming even more important since the number of global users is increasing. A few advantages are:

  • Professionalizes training processes, which positively impacts retention and performance scores
  • Presents learning materials and content reliably and consistently
  • Keeps terminology, style and tone of voice uniform throughout

Via API solutions, new content can be automatically identified and submitted for translation. This allows for a flexible and agile content flow when new training materials emerge – a big time saver in your onboarding or training process!

We would be happy to help you achieve your objectives for your e-learning initiatives and advise through every step of the process – from idea to execution.

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Multilingualism in education is a hot topic in today’s increasingly globalized world. Attached is an advocate of multilingual and accessible learning for a broad range of users. To this end, we have partnered with a number of higher educational institutions in the Netherlands, providing them with translation and copywriting services for both their internal and external communications. For our corporate clients, we give support by providing multilingual access to their e-learning platforms, a great enhancement both in terms of user experience and ability to make the material actually stick.