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I want to update my content faster and smarter

Simplify the process

Attached can help simplify your global multi-channel content with the introduction of APIs into your translation workflow. We make the translation process of your content smooth, fast, scalable and secure. APIs directly connect your content to our software for simultaneous and on-demand solutions. This allows for greater efficiency and speeds up your time to market.

Attached offers customized API solutions for a variety of CMS and content repositories. Since every client has different needs, we look together for the best options and tools to structure an end-to-end localization process and ways to maximize your investment.


APIs are applicable for all types of ‘living’ content such as websites, e-commerce, e-learning, procurement and many other applications and platforms. These solutions are applicable for any industry.

Advantages are:

  • Continuous localization and updates – on-demand translations
  • Customizable translation memory and terminology library for optimal consistency across all communication types and extra cost savings
  • Scalability and version management systems
  • Faster turnaround and time to market
  • Simultaneous translation for multiple markets and platforms
  • No more manual error-prone processes such as copying and pasting

We’d love to answer any of your questions about how we can bolster your translation processes with APIs.

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