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We believe that the key to multilingual marketing is a process – from globalization to localization. Whether it’s in a neighbouring country or on the other side of the globe, you want your international marketing to truly reach your target groups. We help you to market your products or services abroad, first by helping you differentiate what type of localization is needed. Then our Attached team takes care of the proper localization approach so your audiences truly connect to your message.


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Business & Finance

Attached provides language services for all your business and financial communication, both internal and external. We understand the need behind these processes and the, at times, urgent nature of these types of projects. Our translation portfolio for business and finance content ranges from internal newsletters to investment portfolio summaries and from annual reports to appraisement forms. Our portfolio also includes the translation of press releases, which are always treated under complete confidentiality.

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Real estate

Given the huge investments involved in most real-estate projects, it is essential to attract the right clients and investors. This is made much easier if the projects are presented in a clear way and with the right technical vocabulary. Projects that we conduct for real-estate companies include proofreading, copywriting and translation services, among others. Our specialists are trained in the specific terminology to help you turn your real-estate projects into a great business success.

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Communicating in a local language and in a culture-bound context can be a challenging task for international lifestyle brands, especially since your success depends on it. Whether you need lifestyle content to be inspirational or informative, technical or emotive, we deliver the right message in your languages of choice. More specifically, we can help you refine content for fashion or home decor blogs, e-commerce platforms, such as web shops and social media channels, and brochures.

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Attached professionals work with a fixed pool of experienced and certified linguists in the legal and IP sectors. Together, we know exactly what to be mindful of when translating and managing your legal, patent or trademark files. Our translators are educated in the related legal field and have appropriate technical training when it comes to patent or other IP-related projects. Attached serves attorneys and legal professionals in many areas, such as labour law, banking litigation, patents, trademarks, real estate and many more.

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Education & E‑learning

Multilingualism in education is a hot topic in today’s increasingly globalized world. Attached is an advocate of multilingual and accessible learning for a broad range of users. To this end, we have partnered with a number of higher educational institutions in the Netherlands, providing them with translation and copywriting services for both their internal and external communications. For our corporate clients, we give support by providing multilingual access to their e-learning platforms, a great enhancement both in terms of user experience and ability to make the material actually stick.


The effectiveness of your Human Resources department depends on how well communications are executed. Our services help you maximize the value of your human capital and ensure your employees’ understanding of and compliance with company regulations. Attached has extensive experience in working with HR departments within different types of companies and can help you to streamline a variety of communication types, such as recruitment texts, employment contracts, training manuals and company-specific intranet content.

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Sustainability isn’t so much an industry in and of itself. After all, ‘going green’ is a leading issue that impacts all populations across all sectors. With the call from governments and the public for businesses to identify their own best sustainability practices and to make deep operational changes, this has also had an effect on how you must respond to this vital issue. Many customers now weigh their buying decisions on how ‘green’ a company is, making it important to succinctly get your message across. Attached can support you in molding this communication to your multilingual markets, whether it be for internal stakeholders or in public announcements.

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Truly connecting with your audience can help you increase conversion on your web shop or maximize the effectiveness of your sales campaigns. Attached can help you make sure your visitors stay on your website till the final click to order. If you are looking to increase the opening and click-through rates of your campaigns, let us adapt your content to give you an edge for real purchases taking place.



When translating content and handling communications for companies in the technology and science innovation sectors, knowing the applicable technical language is essential. This is why Attached works exclusively with experienced linguists, specialized in their own field of technology. We also require of them continuous training, at regular intervals, to stay up to date in their line of work.

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Arts & Culture

Writing about art is an art in and of itself – not only does it require in-depth specialist knowledge, it also requires imagination, subtlety and talent. It goes beyond word-for-word translation in order to evoke the concepts, ideas and philosophies presented. Technical knowledge of the arts is also necessary, such as specialized musical, theatrical or visual arts terminology. Attached is proud to have contributed to several prestigious projects for clients in the art world. Our work includes production programs, museum publications, grant applications and other orbital content.

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Food conjures up many emotions and writing about it is no exception since it is one of the most culturally specific topics there is. Each culture, region or even village has its own unique way of preparing, cooking, eating, gathering and talking about food that must be respected. This makes it so important to get every nuance correct. Attached knows what it takes to stimulate your readers’ senses in different languages. We can help you with the translation of menus, food blogs and cookbooks.