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I want to have my legal documents translated quickly and accurately

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You have an important legal document that needs to be translated, and you need it quickly and accurately. What do you need to bear in mind when looking for a trustworthy translation of this legal content?

Legal translations have many important elements to consider when producing correct and localized versions for the specific country where it is to be used. The top three are:

  • legal terminology
  • formatting
  • to be certified or not

To produce correct and well-localized legal translations, it is vital to use legally trained, meticulous native translators with thorough knowledge of the language of law in both the source and target languages. Attached has an extensive global network of experienced, trained and certified legal translators to tap into. This combined with the thorough Attached quality assurance measures will give you a ready-to-use localized version of your legal copy.


Time is also of the essence. Many legal documents are needed by a specific deadline, such as:

  • Terms and conditions, privacy policies and disclaimers for a website going live in international markets (required)
  • (Supporting) court documents with specific court dates
  • Contracts and service level agreements for doing business in other countries
  • Certified translations, such as documents for setting up a new business
  • Trademarks or patents with application deadlines

Attached will always find the right solution and provide a planning that ensures your legal documents are translated accurately and on time.

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