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Hit the sweet spot with your global campaigns

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Are you launching a new product and do you want to reach your global customers in the most powerful way?

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to touch your customers’ hearts and gain their trust.

With localization: the most direct and cost-effective way to reach your target audience.

Translation is only half of the story

With today’s omnichannel approach, content can be deployed through websites, landing pages, e-mail, apps and social media. Having a good understanding about how your targeted local markets utilize these channels is vital, enabling you to offer your customers a seamless experience no matter what channel they are using.

Attached can provide invaluable advice on the best method to convey your messaging across all channels. We can give answers to questions like:

  • Which form of address can you best use for each of your channels?
  • Does translation suffice to get your idea across, or do you need transcreation to convey the meaning and truly connect and resonate with a local market while staying true to your brand’s style?
  • Are there any cultural aspects to take into account like holidays?
    For example, sending a Valentine’s Day promotion on February 14th to your customers in Brazil might be received a little strangely since they celebrate their Day of Love on June 12th!
Your localization provider as campaign partner

When you involve your localization provider from the beginning of your campaign planning stage, we can better identify wins and prevent any roadblocks.

By structurally sharing our knowledge, expertise and experience, Attached can help you with the many moving parts involved in a campaign, such as:

  • Coordination of deployment deadlines
  • Content management and traffic control
  • Budget and turnaround optimization with API enhancements
  • Content alignment to ensure a consistent use of terminology and style for a strong brand presence

Localizing a global campaign is a process that needs good planning and strategizing because of the many elements to produce and deploy.

Let us help you get your message and brand in the minds and hearts of your customers.

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