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Online visibility is a crucial element for the success of your business. If your online content is not optimised for international search engines, or adapted correctly for search engine marketing and advertising, you are facing an uphill challenge to deliver your message at all.

Attached offers the tools and expertise to help you achieve an optimum ranking in search engine results.


If you want to boost your online visibility in different countries and markets, you need to integrate optimal keywords in all different languages, as well as apply the correct technical features on your website.

Choosing the right keywords for your products and your markets requires expert knowledge of the local language and search behaviour. Simply translating keywords from your own source language can lead to disappointing results.

Attached consults on how to optimise your content organically for international markets, delivering better visibility without paying search engines for further prominence.


When paying search engines for extra online prominence, make sure your advertisement texts contain the right keywords while still sounding natural. Attached helps you to get your money’s worth and to achieve a high online ranking for your website.

We can also advise you on how to use display marketing, remarketing and many other techniques to make sure your clients find you and want to do business with your company.

Let us know if you need more information, examples of what we can do for you or a free quote.