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About us

We help you to connect, be understood, found, liked or even loved, in every language and on every platform.

Attached offers you all the benefits of language intelligence. With the perfect combination of tech and people skills, we communicate message and meaning in the most time and cost-efficient way – reaching target audiences all around the world. Our translation and content creation services are used by corporations around the world.

Solid, smart and supportive

Attached has become a leading language intelligence agency by adhering to our core values:

  • Solid: trustworthy, reliable, global, technically sound, up-to-date
  • Smart: innovative, talented, high tech, web-savvy, forward thinking
  • Supportive: fast, understanding, efficient, serviceable, personal, warm

Meet our in-house team

Eveline van Sandick

Thijs Senten

Vanessa Verzijl

Leen Temmerman

Marieke Voorvelt

Gitta Lek

Sihem Laribi

Matthijs Kooijman

Beatrice Schenk

Jennifer Rea

Laura Devies

Tanja van Putten

Stephanie di Blasio


Lindsay Coghill

Paola Ferrantelli

Fiorella Mantovani

Fiorella Mantovani

Language Specialists

The skills and experience for your needs

Our global specialists network

To offer you continuous, worldwide service with the highest quality, our in-house team can reach out to a broad network of language experts and engineers. This global network consists of copywriters, translators, editors, interpreters, and consultants who are specialised in many different fields and business sectors. Attached will simply choose the best skills and experience for your particular communication needs.

We select these professionals with care – they must pass stringent assessment tests, demonstrate both extensive knowledge and expertise, as well as a strong work ethic.

We believe in giving back

We take pride and responsibility in where we work and what we do by supporting local communities and investing in next generations.

Next generations: Over the last 17 years Attached has offered traineeships to many students, thereby helping to develop the skills and knowledge of future generations.

Local communities: We are proud and permanent sponsor of the Net4kids foundation. We provide them with pro-bono translation services and they can call upon our other Attached services at any time.

Awards & Recognitions

Enterprising Woman of the Year

In 2017, Attached founder and CEO Eveline van Sandick received the Enterprising Women of the Year Award, a prestigious awards programme that recognises the world’s top women entrepreneurs.

The Enterprising Women of the Year Award, founded by the acclaimed American magazine Enterprising Women, is widely considered one of the most important recognition programmes for women business owners. Winners must demonstrate that they have rapidly growing businesses, mentor or actively support other women and girls involved in entrepreneurship, and stand out as leaders in their communities.