News & blogs Job opening for Project Manager: *** closed ***

At Attached | Language intelligence, we are looking for an energetic, CAT-tool savvy and creative project manager – all to make sure our international customers keep showering us with compliments like ‘You guys really saved us this time’ or ‘You‘re simply the best’.

So, are you the one? Then naturally you have a thing for languages and localization, a positive attitude, as well as some flexibility in your planning. You can read, write and speak English very well, and at least understand Dutch when spoken to. You like the challenge of non-standard client requests and feel good when being able to offer innovative, creative solutions.

The job is for 32 or 40 hours per week.

At Attached | Language intelligence, we are not just translating content from one language into another. We are operating on that fascinating crossing point where translations, localization, co-creation and copywriting meet. Being at the vanguard of our rapidly innovating industry, we attract customers that operate at the same high quality level.

Interested? Send your motivation letter and CV to .

*** Job opening has been closed ***