News & blogs Attached Winner of 2 BELA Awards!

Adaptive Globalization recognizes Attached with 2 BELA awards

Yes, we are proud! Very proud, because this year Adaptive Globalization awarded Attached with not one but two Best Employers in Localization Awards!



‘Keeping hold of your employees for an extended period of time is good practice, and companies with positive retention often set a standard at the very beginning, sometimes even at the interview stages.

The winner of this BELA are those who understand the importance of retention and have proven strategies in place to ensure that they will give the employee a difficult decision to make regarding leaving.

Whether it’s simply a good benefits structure, salary or company culture, there are many different ways to keep employees happy and at the company to build their career.

The winners of this award understand the importance of retention and when it comes to it, there is nothing more important than keeping the workforce happy – this could go beyond simple strategies – more creative methods have been put in place.’



‘One of the most prevalent reasons behind employees seeking a new role or an opportunity elsewhere is the lack of career growth.

Employees that find themselves plateauing in their current role, without a clear plan or a distinct lack of opportunities are more likely to become disengaged and will probably be more open to jobs elsewhere.

That’s why leaving a well-structured career plan in place for your employees is well regarded and has been recognized by this BELA award.

The winners have shown that they are invested in talent within, growing from their ranks rather than looking to bring in new hires. BELA 2018’s champions show they have an understanding of the process of learning and growth to help their employees progress towards their ultimate professional goals.’

With special thanks of course to the Adaptive team, for all their contributions to such an important part in our localization industry: the human capital!