Holiday cooking at Attached

Here at Attached, we have a good smattering of cultures, and most of our conversations over the lunch table revolve around food from our native countries. And let’s be honest: nothing beats our own homeland’s cooking.

These conversations inspired us to compile some of our holiday favourites – whether it’s grandma’s recipe or new traditions – and share them with you this holiday season. They range from yummy baked goods to fun side dishes. And some are just so good, you can make them the whole year round.

In all our years working with language and culture, we’ve found that nothing defines culture or brings people together more than food and holidays. Gathering around a table full of good smells, tastes and cheer conjures memories of past holiday celebrations and the promise of more to come.

From the Attached family to yours,
have a very merry holiday season and a great 2022!

Eat and be merry – holiday recipes from Attached