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Let your message travel through time in the ancient, yet live and kicking language of Hebrew. We work with academically trained professionals who are all native speakers of the language, so you can trust your Hebrew language requests to us.

Hebrew stems from the West-Semitic branch of Afro-asiatic languages and has over 9 million speakers worldwide. After Israel, the United States boasts the largest Hebrew-speaking population.

Did you know that…

You probably have a lot of words in your vocabulary that Israeli people use as well. For example, אינפורמציה (Informatsia = Information) , מוזיקה (Muzika = Music) , טלוויזיה (Televizia = Television), טלפון (Telefon = Telephone). So next time you listen to a Hebrew conversation, try to listen carefully because you might just understand it!

Let us know if you need more information about Hebrew translations. We will be pleased to help you.