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Need to polish up your Polish? Not to worry, we’ve got your back!

Our translators know Polish as their native tongue and they breathe the language every day. As we only work with academically trained professionals living in the country of origin, you can trust your Polish language requests to us.

Polish is the primary language of Poland and secondary language of Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine and Lithuania. Originally part of the Lechitic subgroup of West Slavic languages, it is now spoken by 48 million people.

Did you know that…

Besides the ski jumping, football and using diminutive forms, another Polish national sport is word formation. For example, from the verb ‘lecieć’ (to fly) we can create ‘wylecieć’, ‘nalecieć’, ‘ulecieć’, ‘polecieć’, ‘przelecieć’, ‘przylecieć’… and they all have different meanings!

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