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The power of editing

When it comes to writing, the editing process is just as important as drafting your content. Editing retains your tone of voice and perfects the original style, so your readers get the best version of your message.

Already happy with how your text reads and looking for a quick review? Let Attached’s editors check that all-important final draft so you’ll have every confidence that your text will be perfect.

Expert editing services

We carefully examine your text not only for spelling, grammar and punctuation, but also the clarity and logic of your ideas and the suitability of the chosen style for your target audience.

Our editors ensure that your words are delivered as powerfully as possible. Detailed line-by-line and word-by-word checks remove any inconsistencies, awkward phrasing or any other errors that may adversely affect your brand.

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Tailored editing solutions

Our editing services are available in many languages and specialist subjects. We work closely with your team to learn your terminology, tone of voice and specific style preferences. We also review translated documents against the source text to accurately reflect the original document to its new audience.

Our native-speaking editors are well versed in your industry, the target culture and the local audience’s reading preferences, which ensures your text has the most impact. With our help, you can establish a connection with consumers and partners, boost the potential of your products and services and achieve results.

Achieving perfection and results

Language can make or break your copy. At Attached, our editors make sure your points are expressed concisely. Some of the benefits include:

  • Transforming your text into well-structured ideas that are easy to follow.
  • Delivering copy that reads fluently and achieves the desired outcomes.
  • Receiving valuable feedback and a fresh perspective, thereby helping you become a better writer.
  • Submitting your work with confidence, knowing that experienced and dedicated editors have refined your communications.

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