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Translation and subtitling for arts and culture

Arts and culture enrich our lives, as do communicating and truly connecting with others. With our arts translations and subtitling, you can showcase your work and encourage a fruitful intercultural exchange. We bridge the language gap and draw on our expertise regarding country-specific forms of consuming the arts.

Attached is proud to have contributed to several prestigious projects for clients in the art world. Our work includes:

  • Audio tours
  • Exhibition signage
  • Production programmes
  • Museum publications
  • Grant applications
  • Fundraising campaigns

Artistic writing and language services

Writing about art is an art in and of itself – not only does it require in-depth specialist knowledge, but also imagination, subtlety and talent. Attached offers a suite of language services to get your message across in an impactful way. Whether localizing web pages, translating literature or writing fresh copy, we go beyond word-for-word translation to evoke your concepts, ideas and philosophies.

Technical knowledge of the arts is also necessary, such as specialized musical, theatrical or visual arts terminology. We have a worldwide network of native-speaker linguists, editors and audiovisual translators with extensive knowledge in the relevant area.

Arts Translations

Showcasing your artistic work and philosophy

Showcasing your artistic work and philosophy to a global audience requires more than just language proficiency. It demands an understanding of cultural nuances and the ability to communicate your unique voice effectively. Attached can help you achieve this.

Our translation and subtitling services are tailored specifically to the arts and culture sector. We work closely with you to ensure your message is accurately conveyed and resonates with international audiences. Whether it’s audio tours, exhibition signage, production programmes, museum publications, grant applications or fundraising campaigns, we have the expertise to enhance your content.

Partner with Attached for artistic language expertise

Attached is your trusted partner for linguistic excellence in the arts. Our team of professionals understands the unique challenges faced by arts and cultural institutions, and we have the know-how to overcome them.

With our extensive network of native-speaker linguists, editors and audiovisual translators, we provide top-quality language services worldwide. We combine technical expertise with a deep appreciation for the arts, ensuring your content is skillfully translated, localized or written to captivate audiences across borders.

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