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You can’t ignore AI in today’s business environment. The potential it holds is huge, making it an indispensable tool for accelerating global expansion in your international business operations. You only have to know how to leverage it. Our advanced AI solutions integrate the power of this technology with human expertise, enabling you to achieve international communication processes that are high-quality, efficient and effective.

Why work with AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is technology that enables machines to learn, reason, solve problems, comprehend questions and mimic human behaviour. The ability of AI to automate processes and analyze vast amounts of data makes it an invaluable tool in business, particularly in the realm of international communication. However, a good understanding of the pitfalls of AI is necessary, and that’s where Attached’s expertise comes into play – making your processes easier, faster and better. We offer a range of AI solutions centered around the optimal combination of human and machine capabilities.

AI Solutions

AI Verification Check

AI bots have taken the technological world by storm at an accelerated pace, but they are not without their limitations. Our AI Verification Check helps correct common errors made by these AI bots: factual inaccuracies, linguistic errors, unintentional biases and problems with contextual and cultural applicability. At Attached, we offer this quick but thorough check to ensure the accuracy of your content. This allows you to utilize AI confidently in your international communication strategy.

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AI-supported machine translation solutions

Writing content and quickly translating it can be a challenge. Our AI-assisted machine translation solutions provide a remedy for this. Whether you need a rough machine translation (MT Raw) or a machine translation with post-editing (MTPE), Attached has the ideal AI solution to fit your needs.

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AI-supported content creation

AI cannot only check and translate existing content, it can also generate new content. With our AI-assisted content creation combined with human expertise, we can produce and deliver highly localized content for your intended target audiences.

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Attached’s AI solutions

At Attached, we take pride in integrating the latest technologies in the field of AI into our services: always with a human in the loop and, especially, a human in the lead.

Whether you’re looking for a thorough content check, efficient machine translation or advanced content creation, our AI-assisted solutions are designed to help you succeed on the international stage. Contact us today to discover how our AI solutions can help you.

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