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The rise of AI offers many advantages for companies that want to move quickly – including in the area of content. For example, several AI solutions have already shown the ability to generate and translate many types of content. However, it’s difficult for AI bots to understand the nuances or factual context of another language or culture. Therefore, when getting started with AI content, it’s advisable to have it verified with the Attached AI Verification Check.

Why choose an Attached AI Verification Check?

AI bots represent one of the biggest technological developments in recent years. Very high-tech, but still far from completely error-free. Additionally, AI output is extremely dependent on the question (or prompt) it’s presented with. Our specialists and prompt engineers can help you make sure that the content you generate is correct – in any language and on any topic.

AI verification check

Our assurances

When Attached runs an AI Verification Check, the following common mistakes from the AI bots are checked:

  • Facts: We make sure your content is factually correct. AI bots quite often present factual inaccuracies (aka hallucinations) and this can damage your company’s credibility.
  • Up to date: AI bots are often trained with older data. Recent, let alone future, events aren’t included in the output.
  • Linguistic correctness: For many languages, AI bots such as ChatGPT still score significantly worse on machine translation than mainstream machines such as DeepL, Amazon and Google Translate. Have our linguistic experts perform a check on your content’s grammar, spelling and syntax.
  • Bias: Many AI bots are trained with data that contains biases, such as gender inclusivity, ethnicity or age. We check that your content does not contain any unintentional biases that could have a negative impact on your business.
  • Contextual applicability: It’s not just about what you say, but also about how and where you say it. We make sure your content is contextually applicable and appropriate to the platform and audience you want it to be used for.
  • Cultural engagement: Content in its broadest sense must also be culturally relevant to truly resonate. We’ll check that your idioms, visuals and colour use are culturally appropriate.

The Attached AI Verification Check

We’re committed to the proper application and smart use of AI tools. That also means knowing when you can and can’t use the output. Therefore, we strongly recommend an AI Verification Check. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss the options.

AI Verification Check
Attached provides AI services only from closed and secure (therefore paid) AI environments.

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