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Our motto is: ‘Human expertise supported by smart tech solutions.’ This means that we are constantly integrating new technologies, both to automate processes and to support creative work. Through smart prompts, we also deploy Generative AI, such as ChatGPT, for basic text generation, text analysis and preparation, and fine-tuning of content briefings. This is not only based on human in the loop, but above all human in the lead. This ensures that our customers and we benefit from the many advantages that AI developments bring – and how we guard against the pitfalls.

How does our AI-assisted content creation work?

Thanks to our AI-assisted content creation, you can now advance even faster towards truly localized content. The translation process is instead replaced with writing directly in the language of your intended audience.

The following pillars are used as the basis:

  • Success is in the preparation: we supply you with an extremely precise and tailored briefing.
  • The privacy of your data is important to us: therefore, all AI output originates from a secure environment.
  • AI is not a human: your texts are always checked and refined by our specialists.
  • Feedback is the source for future success: thanks to smart feedback loops, we ensure that feedback steps are automatically integrated into the processes for future content creation.

What can you expect?

With AI-assisted content creation, we provide you with the benefits of more efficient translation processes. Because AI assistants learn from human feedback, we can continually refine your translations and tailor them to your local audiences. These new technologies also provide an excellent framework for our own specialists to complete your international texts to perfection. Human and machine in balance and working together to create optimal international communications.

AI-assisted content creation at Attached

Ready to benefit from AI-assisted content creation for your texts? Contact us without obligation and experience more efficient translation processes. With our international team, we offer you expertise and knowledge about cultures and languages from all over the world. Do you want to level up your international business operations? If so, get in touch today.

AI-assisted Content Creation
Attached provides AI services only from closed and secure (therefore paid) AI environments.

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