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Progress occurs through continuous review and adaptation. The same is true for your corporate communications. At Attached, we consider feedback extremely important. This ensures your communication remains future-proof and connects with your target audience.

Feedback loops are time-consuming and error-prone when making manual adjustments, right? Thanks to our Client Review solutions, that doesn’t have to be the case. How does it work? Read more about it here.

What are our Client Review solutions?

A Client Review solution is a tailored workflow that allows your feedback on terminology, style and syntax to be integrated directly in the translated copy. The goal? To provide continuous improvements based on your wishes for future translations.

Entering feedback manually can be time consuming and error prone. Because of this, Attached now offers special automated feedback loops, with the following steps:
1. You give us your feedback in an automated review step.
2. We analyze your feedback.
3. When approved, it’s automatically implemented into the translation memory. This means that your insights are immediately integrated and included in subsequent translations.

Client review

Fast and future-proof

By choosing one of our Client Review solutions, you ensure that your corporate communications are optimally aligned with your goals. This streamlined approach saves you time and effort, since we take over feedback processing. This also improves the quality and consistency of future translations, since any feedback is immediately integrated into our translation memory.

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Ready to take your communication to the next level? By working together, we can ensure that every translation reflects not only the original message, but also your specific needs and requirements. Contact us today and find out how the Attached Client Review solutions turn your feedback into action.

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