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Local market coordination

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As your company grows internationally, the challenge of maintaining a consistent brand message becomes even greater. For example, how do you tailor your sales materials to your different local markets without losing the core values of your brand? The solution is to develop a smart strategy, known as Local Market Coordination, and Attached is ready to help you.

Connecting and coordinating

Your global branches or sales agents can only make a real impact if they are provided with the right tools and information. Therefore, properly localized sales materials are crucial to fast growth. And that’s exactly where Local Market Coordination comes in. We ensure that local markets share their valuable input quickly and easily to create solid translations based on your company’s core message.

Local market coordination

More than a translation agency

At Attached, we go beyond simply translating your message into different languages. We’re involved in the entire process, from coordination and feedback to implementation and rollout.

By gathering input from your local markets, we ensure that your local teams feel engaged in the communications being supplied by headquarters. We then integrate their feedback so it’s completely consistent and in line with the central message. You get strong, on-brand content that’s also relevant in your local markets.

Local Market Coordination at Attached

Are you ready to reap the benefits of local market coordination? Find out how Attached can help your brand achieve global success without sacrificing local relevance. Contact us today!

Whether you work at a multinational or a company starting to expand internationally, Attached has the expertise to support you every step of the way. We’ll work together to make sure your brand resonates around the world – in any language and in any market. At Attached, the possibilities are limitless.

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