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Style guide creation

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The world is large and diverse. In order for your brand to stand out, you need to have consistent communication that your audience can build on – both nationally and internationally. However, the more you grow, the harder it becomes to maintain this consistency, especially when you’re active in several countries.

So how do you ensure consistency across languages and cultures? The answer is to create a style guide.

The key to consistency

A style guide is a blueprint for your brand communication. It lays out the fundamentals about how you get your message across. This may involve agreements on specific elements, such as date and currency notation or the use of capital letters and punctuation in enumerations. It also includes guidelines on the tone of voice and forms of address you use for your target audience.

To ensure consistency, Attached creates a style guide that captures all the elements of your communication. Whether you need a simple one-pager or a comprehensive manual, we’re here to support you.

Style guide

Boost your brand with Attached

Our team of translation experts has in-depth knowledge of many cultures and languages. This positions us well to create a unique style guide that fits your target audience. We ensure that your brand stands out in every market where your company operates in your customers’ own language. And best of all? You maintain control of your message with the assurance that it’s conveyed consistently.

Ready to get started?

Are you ready to discover the power of a style guide? Contact us today and find out how Attached can help your brand. We’d be happy to meet with you to discuss the possibilities and get started creating your own.

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