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The power of video in reaching audiences

Videos have proven to be an incredibly effective means of connecting with audiences, particularly on social media. Across various platforms, the popularity of short-form video content has surged, making it a highly impactful tool for communication.

Subtitling enhances video content

Incorporating audio-visual elements into your communication strategy can help you inform, entertain and achieve your specific goals. However, it’s important to ensure that your video content is easy to understand. This is where subtitling plays a vital role by providing clarity on names, terminology and enhancing the overall viewing experience.


Reaching a global audience

Captioned videos have the remarkable ability to engage international viewers, regardless of the language they speak or sign. Subtitling and captioning are essential components to ensure the accessibility of your visual content, allowing you to expand your reach to a diverse, global audience.

Attached’s subtitling services

Attached collaborates with creators and brands, enabling them to deliver their films and videos to both foreign and native viewers, thus facilitating their expansion into the international market. We offer a range of services, including monolingual and foreign-language subtitling, spotting or time-cuing, transcription and other related solutions. Our experienced subtitlers and audio-visual translators can effectively capture your viewers’ attention while working within constraints like reading speed and screen space.

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