Nieuws & blogs Learning about loyalty in Barcelona

Earlier in June, Attached | Language intelligence was pleased to be present at the 8th Annual Enhancing Customer Loyalty and Retention Summit in Barcelona.

Two of our colleagues, Marieke Voorvelt, Customer Loyalty Localization Strategist, and Matthijs Kooijman, Sales Director, delivered an enlightening presentation called “How to Find and Keep Customers by Speaking Their Language” to customer loyalty and marketing professionals in attendance. These industry insiders know very well the importance of proper localisation, but were nonetheless surprised, sometimes even shocked, by Marieke and Matthijs’ examples of ‘localisation gone wrong’ found in all corners of the world.

Marieke and Matthijs were not only presenting, but also attending, and eager to hear the latest developments from other presenters. Insights that were especially informative were given by Laura Malinsky from Allianz, Sophie Privat from Air France KLM, Yasser al Yousuf from Etihad Guest and Tad Fordyce from Epsilon. This was the perfect opportunity to learn and understand the reality of our customers and prospects.

We asked Matthijs what his most valuable take-away from the summit was. His answer? A phrase from one of the presentations that completely summed up the opinions of the participants:

“Localisation is not just one of the essential parts of personalising your marketing effort. Its importance goes much further than that: you’ll never get to personalisation if you don’t localise your content.”

A statement that we wholeheartedly agree with!

See you at a next summit?