ISO 17100 in the pocket

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Every year, Attached strives to meet the demanding requirements to obtain ISO 17100 certification for our translation services. It takes good preparation and renewed scrutiny into our processes and constantly gives us the opportunity to spot room for improvements, as well.

We are happy to report that we can again book this certification. Having this stamp identifies us as a professional, quality partner and shows that our project managers, translators, editors and language engineers have the tools and skills to meet the high demands of our clients. Obtaining this certification guarantees a streamlined process and trusted service and product.

The audit scenario was ‘slightly’ different this year than in previous years. Because of COVID-19 measures, it was conducted remotely instead of in-person. Hopefully that will change back again next year!

Our CEO Eveline van Sandick says, “I’m very proud to have passed our yearly ISO 17100 audit by Kiwa! This audit is always a great opportunity for us to reflect on where we stand as a company, where we want to go and how we plan to get there. A big thanks to my entire team who made this all possible again, and especially to Marieke, Leen and Thijs for their preparations for today!”

Way to go! But the work doesn’t stop here. We’re already busy making sure we pass the coming years’ audits, too.

To read more about ISO 17100 certification, visit Kiwa ISO 17100 (Dutch only).

Shifting demand

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The impact of COVID-19 has been different for all companies, of course. So we wonder: what impact do you see in your industry?

For us, translation and localization needs in the hospitality and aviation sector clearly temporarily decreased. But interestingly enough, we also see upticks in other domains. Take the legal sector: due to COVID-19 safety measures, many live court hearings could not take place, increasing the need for written legal translations.

What sets legal translations apart, and how do we best serve this type of client?
Three main points can be mentioned here:

  • First, they require a high degree of confidentiality and security, so systems in place to ensure this are a pre.
  • Second, a large volume of this type of content needs a quick turnaround, and the only way to do that is by having knowledgeable and experienced legal translation teams at the ready.
  • Lastly, due to its sensitive nature, accuracy and dependability are very important.

When we deliver on all three, we create a partnership built on trust.

We would like to hear your thoughts on LinkedIn!

Meet Valeria Macci

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Valeria Macci

Attached has an awesome team and has continued to grow that team even through the corona crisis. One of our newest project managers, Valeria Macci from Italy, joined us in March right as the quarantine began. Because of this, she has only met her new colleagues through video chat. A unique start for a unique person.

Valeria MacciA few days before the corona pandemic, Valeria went with her gut feeling to move. In less than 24 hours, she packed and moved from Italy to the Netherlands. A good thing she did because we’ve gained a terrific colleague passionate about interlingual communication and the need to understand and connect people.

At the age of 14, Valeria started translating her favorite song lyrics from English. This inspired her to study and learn more languages adding Mandarin Chinese, French and now Dutch to her portfolio. She is currently rounding out her ambition with a second Master’s in Marketing and Communication.

One of the benefits to starting a new job remotely is that it has given her more time to assimilate and learn gradually. Valeria says, “I was lucky to find a company with a long-term vision that decided to hire me despite the lockdown. I think that the main strength of Attached is represented by the people. With the right team, you’re never alone.”

Well said, Valeria. We can’t wait to meet you in person!

Attached – Now more than ever

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Back in 2000…

Twenty years ago, when choosing the name for my company, I considered many factors. A couple were simply practical in those days. For example, it must start with an ‘A’ to be higher up in the Yellow Pages (remember those…?). And it must be in English to be easily pronounceable worldwide. But those were minor reasons.

The most important consideration was that the name must represent my vision: to form a connection or bond with clients, partners, suppliers and colleagues and to convey going the extra mile to support them in creating continuity for their business . ‘Attached’ was the perfect fit.

Not in a million years did I expect that this name would have so much relevance or verity twenty years after the company’s founding date.

at-tached [əˈtætʃt]:  connected or joined to something; emotionally connected; having strong feelings of affection or connection.

2020: Attached and COVID-19

The impact of the current pandemic and the measures taken to fight it have been profound on every party we work with. For Attached, this goes beyond business, as it not only affects our clients and partners but also their customers, employees and sometimes families. COVID-19 is not exclusive.

To cope, we all need each other. So despite the social distancing, our attachment and connectedness to our clients and partners feel stronger than ever as we help them continue their international missions – in whatever way we can, in whatever language.

When I started up Attached twenty years ago, maintaining strong connections all across the globe would not have been as effortless as it is today. Since then, technology has developed exponentially, allowing me and my team to easily reach out to one another and connect with our partners worldwide – whether it be to meet a new supplier or just say ‘hi’ to a long-time customer.

What will be next?

Throughout the years, Attached has evolved into what it is today, preparing now for a future of which a lot is still in the unknown. One thing is certain though: in this process, the name Attached, and especially its meaning, will always remain a constant. And I’m proud to say, with the best team of professionals standing strongly behind it.

We remain connected and Attached to you, now more than ever.

Eveline van Sandick

Spring is in the air!

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If we cant go outside and enjoy Spring, we’re bringing Spring inside!

That’s at least what we did here at our Attached home offices to get through these challenging COVID-19 times. And at the same time, we could give a bit of support to Fleurop and our local florists. This bizarre period will pass of course. But while were all still in it, we’re making the most of it! 

Attached - Spring is in the air#staysafe

What a week…

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In these testing times of the Corona virus, it’s the real person behind the professional façade that makes the real difference.

At Attached, we are unbelievably grateful for being able to stand shoulder to shoulder with our customers to help them connect with their clients in these unprecedented circumstances – in every language and on every platform.

Check out this beautiful slide show Beatrice Schenk created of some of our own kanjers*.

* Dutch for supercalifragilisticexpialidocious colleagues!


Two new colleagues!

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We are happy to introduce two new colleagues: Eve Davis and Ewa Kulesza. Among many other skills, they bring expertise in English, Spanish, Polish and localisation.

Eve Davis

Having gained experience in both teaching and translation, Eve discovered quickly her true passion lies with the latter. She began her degree in English and Spanish in 2014, but her interests go much further than that. Her fascination for culture and language brought her to study ancient history, archaeology and geography.

Any time not spent working gives her opportunity for travel, enjoying amazing food, and “relaxing at home with my dog”.

Ewa Kulesza

A Polish native, Ewa enjoys providing her insight and knowledge of the culture to make content fit that audience perfectly. Her passion for localisation started with video games and knows no bounds. In joining Attached, she started a new chapter in her localisation adventure.

Ewa is, in her own words, ‘a geek at heart’. She loves challenges and tries to apply gamification to various aspects of her life. With her can-do attitude, endless curiosity and love for foreign cultures, Ewa is a perfect fit for our team and she can’t wait to explore what lies ahead.

Attached Winner of 2 BELA Awards!

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Adaptive Globalization recognizes Attached with 2 BELA awards

Yes, we are proud! Very proud, because this year Adaptive Globalization awarded Attached with not one but two Best Employers in Localization Awards!



‘Keeping hold of your employees for an extended period of time is good practice, and companies with positive retention often set a standard at the very beginning, sometimes even at the interview stages.

The winner of this BELA are those who understand the importance of retention and have proven strategies in place to ensure that they will give the employee a difficult decision to make regarding leaving.

Whether it’s simply a good benefits structure, salary or company culture, there are many different ways to keep employees happy and at the company to build their career.

The winners of this award understand the importance of retention and when it comes to it, there is nothing more important than keeping the workforce happy – this could go beyond simple strategies – more creative methods have been put in place.’



‘One of the most prevalent reasons behind employees seeking a new role or an opportunity elsewhere is the lack of career growth.

Employees that find themselves plateauing in their current role, without a clear plan or a distinct lack of opportunities are more likely to become disengaged and will probably be more open to jobs elsewhere.

That’s why leaving a well-structured career plan in place for your employees is well regarded and has been recognized by this BELA award.

The winners have shown that they are invested in talent within, growing from their ranks rather than looking to bring in new hires. BELA 2018’s champions show they have an understanding of the process of learning and growth to help their employees progress towards their ultimate professional goals.’

With special thanks of course to the Adaptive team, for all their contributions to such an important part in our localization industry: the human capital!

We’re hiring! *** Job opening closed ***

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Looking for a colleague to join our localization team

We have a vacancy for a real ‘language-y’ person to join our team in our office at WTC The Hague!

You like all aspects of localizing content that represents some of the coolest brands and companies in Europe and beyond. Activities include reviewing, transcreating, conferring with our in-country linguists about diverse language choices, advising clients on the best content options available to them… The list of ingredients of this multi-faceted job goes on and on.

If you have a Scandinavian background, you would make us really happy but this is not a must.

Simply contact us if you want to know more about this job. Or send your motivation letter and CV to .

*** Job opening has been closed ***

A talent boost

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Attached has already had a great 2018, which was kicked off with a rebranding and new workflow innovations. When the result is getting more clients and more work, more excellent PMs are needed to ensure our clients’ high expectations are met.

So we are very happy to welcome:


Jennifer Verheggen-Rea

Jennifer is a self-described word nerd and has worked in the language industry for over ten years. She began as a freelance translator and content writer before moving into a broader capacity at Attached | Language intelligence as project manager and language specialist. Here, Jennifer is able to perfectly combine her experience in marketing, business development and customer service as well as her love for the English language, her mother tongue. Her strong suits are creative content and helping clients sharpen their messages to better target their chosen markets.

Jennifer is a US national but has lived in the Netherlands for over 15 years. She can be found cheering on her two children at their field hockey and soccer games. Jennifer enjoys playing field hockey herself, reading as many books as possible and tracking down strange ingredients for experimenting in the kitchen.


Laura Devies

Congratulations also to Laura Devies, our other new project manager. Laura has a great interest in languages and cultures and is especially passionate about Italy. That’s why she studied to become an Italian translator herself. Besides her passion for language, she takes a lot of pleasure in planning and organising things from translation jobs to dinner parties. She loves working at Attached because she can utilise those planning and language skills while working in an international environment. Besides that, Attached itself is very multicultural with colleagues just as enthusiastic about intercultural communication as she is.

In her spare time Laura likes to cook, travel and enjoy nature. We welcome Laura to our team and can’t wait to taste one of her Italian specialties.


Inna Iljina

In June we welcomed project manager Inna Iljina to the team. Inna loves communicating with all types of people, enjoys organising, planning and managing everything from localisation projects to (birthday) parties and travel with friends. A true multitasker, she can easily juggle hundreds of different tasks simultaneously and always solves problems with a smile. Speaking four languages fluently (incl. Russian and Latvian) and being a truly international person, Inna likes discovering new cultures, nuances of other languages and learning something new every day. She can combine all of this working in the diverse and multicultural environment of Attached.

Being very active, Inna plans something for almost every evening (like salsa dancing, drama classes, volleyball and board games, just to name the few). Inna cannot imagine her life without travelling and trying new experiences (for example, yoga with goats).


Eveline de Vetten

Last but not least, hello to our newest project manager Eveline de Vetten. Because of her love of languages and literature she studied English at Leiden University. After doing a summer internship in 2016 at Attached, she is joining us again but now in the function of project manager.

Aside from working at Attached, Eveline loves reading, writing, baking and walking. She looks forward to helping customers with their international communications.