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Events 2023

Attached is a proud sponsor, exhibitor and attendee at the 2023 events listed below.
Come and connect with us in person!

Gala 2023

Dublin, Ireland | 12-15 March

Attached representatives: Vanessa Verzijl and Rivka Kroes


Loyalty Summit CXM

Zürich, Switzerland | 15-17 March

Attendee: Marieke Voorvelt

AI Mega Event 2023

London, UK | 25-26 April

Panelist: Eveline van Sandick
Panel title: Emotional vs. Transactional Loyalty – Which Drives More Revenue?

Aviation Americas Miami Beach

Miami, USA | 16-17 May

Exhibitor: Matthijs Kooijman
Booth 600, close to the entrance

XTRF Summit

Krakow, Poland | 24-26 May

Attendee & panelist: Thijs Senten


Malmö, Sweden | 6-9 June

Attendees: Thijs Senten and Mihai Petrescu


Loyalty Summit Washington

Washington, USA | 15-16 June

Sponsor and panelist: Matthijs Kooijman and Eveline van Sandick


Loyalty Summit London

London, UK | 20-21 September

Sponsor and panelist: Matthijs Kooijman, Marieke Voorvelt and Eveline van Sandick

World Aviation Festival

World Aviation Lissabon

Lissabon, Portugal | 26-27 September

Exhibitor: Jennifer Rea

Loyalty & Awards, Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | 9-11 October

Sponsor and workshop: Matthijs Kooijman and Eveline van Sandick