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As a translation agency and language intelligence provider with offices in The Hague and Toronto, Attached’s approach – or success – is firmly rooted in the perfect blend of human expertise and smart tech solutions.

Whether it’s a contract or website, product descriptions or annual report, your content is in good hands with Attached. We offer a wide range of services – translation, transcreation and localization, to name a few – that will connect you to your audiences in any language.

With our in-house team and a qualified international network of more than 2,000 language experts, we work daily with many international clients. We are ISO 17100 certified, a member of the VViN, Elia and GALA and the proud winner of various awards.

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Our solutions


If your content needs to reach different target audiences around the world, a native speaker’s insight is essential to conveying your message effectively. Not localizing your text will be a missed opportunity – either on websites, in market surveys, on mobile apps, or in software / UI.
Attached experts help you define your localization needs.

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Attached translates online and offline copy involving a wide range of subjects in many different languages and platforms. On top of all requirements set by our ISO 17100:2015 certification, all our translators are native speakers in the target language, most of them living and working in the country of their native tongue. To meet both your communication and budget needs, we offer different service packages and advise you on which one suits you best.

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Language Consulting

If you need to know more about how and where a particular language is spoken, what mode of address you should use for a specific target group, or the answer to many other language-related questions, you can rely on Attached’s language consultants to fine-tune your communications.

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language consultation

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Our desktop publishing (DTP) service allows you to have your text directly translated in your native-format design file, such as InDesign, without touching any of the formatting. This saves time and unintended errors since it eliminates the need to manually copy-paste all translated copy.

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If you know what to say but not how, let Attached copywriters find the right words for you. Whether it’s for a website, a press release, a blog or a job posting, we help you create copy that reads fluently, conveys your message clearly and holds the reader’s attention to the very end.

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To make sure your film or video delivers its message to a wide international audience, it needs to be understandable to both foreign and native viewers. Attached offers subtitling for many languages, as well as other related services, such as cuing & timing and transcription.

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IT Consulting

Attached’s IT consultants and language engineers can help you with many technology-related issues, like clearing communication process bottlenecks, ensuring good coding of dynamic fields, advising on proper file preparation and more.

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To reach different cultural audiences you need more than a simple translation – you need a different approach. By using transcreation for your copy, Attached overcomes cultural differences with a truly creative translation. Whether it’s a campaign or a direct mailing – we translate and re-create at the same time, transporting your ideas into culturally resonant messages that are optimized for your local target audience.

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Content Management System (CMS) connectors

The strong combination of security, speed, workload ease and error/risk reduction is the main reason we advise our clients to use CMS connectors in their translation workflows. Attached offers off-the-shelf connectors for several well-known content management systems (CMS) such as Tridion and WordPress. These all share a setup where content is taken from the website CMS repository and automatically returned to it after translation.

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Online visibility SEO/SEA/SEM

Online visibility is a crucial element for the success of your business. If your online content is not optimized for international search engines or adapted correctly for search engine marketing and advertising, you are facing an uphill challenge to deliver your message at all. Attached offers the tools and expertise to help you achieve an optimum ranking in search engine results.

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Workflow Optimization

Workflow optimization takes the complexity out of your localization process leading to proper content management and savings in time and money. Attached has ample experience in streamlining your localization workflows. Examples of customized, optimized workflows are integrating your inhouse review process or selecting an e-marketplace workflow with built-in MT functionality.

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The Attached Team


Our global specialists network

To offer you continuous, worldwide service at the highest level, our in-house team can reach out to a broad network of language experts and localization engineers. This global network consists of copywriters, translators, editors, interpreters and consultants who are specialized in many different fields and business sectors.

We select these professionals with care – they must pass stringent assessment tests, demonstrate extensive knowledge and expertise in their field, as well as a strong work ethic.

From translation to creation

We go where our partners go. We are the gateway to their international growth.

Localization is an expertise that requires creativity, outstanding linguistic and cultural skills and thorough knowledge of today’s communication channels.

Attached has been at the forefront of the language industry by developing smart, customer-oriented solutions that have proven their worth in practice.

By becoming strategic localization partners, we will support your communication initiatives. This requires transparent communication and knowledge exchange to best serve you. Shared targets, realistic agreements, clear communication and collective expertise are our focus.


Industries served in Toronto


We believe that the key to multilingual marketing is a process – from globalization to localization. Whether it’s in a neighbouring country or on the other side of the globe, you want your international marketing to truly reach your target groups. We help you to market your products or services abroad, first by helping you differentiate what type of localization is needed.


Business & Finance

Attached provides language services for all your business and financial communication, both internal and external. We understand the need behind these processes and the, at times, urgent nature of these types of projects. Our translation portfolio for business and finance content ranges from internal newsletters to investment portfolio summaries and from annual reports to appraisement forms.



Attached’s services help maximize the value of your human capital and ensure your employees’ understanding of and compliance with company regulations. Attached has extensive experience in working with HR departments and can help you to streamline a variety of communication types, such as recruitment texts, employment contracts, training manuals and company-specific intranet content.


Education & E-learning

Attached provides higher educational institutions with translation and copywriting services for both their internal and external communications. For our corporate clients, we give support by providing multilingual access to their e-learning platforms, a great enhancement both in terms of user experience and ability to make the material actually stick.



Truly connecting with your audience can help you increase conversion on your web shop or maximize the effectiveness of your sales campaigns. Attached can help you make sure your visitors stay on your website till the final click to order. If you are looking to increase the opening and click-through rates of your campaigns, let us adapt your content to give you an edge for real purchases taking place.



When translating content and handling communications for companies in the technology and science innovation sectors, knowing the applicable technical language is essential. This is why Attached works exclusively with experienced linguists, specialized in their own field of technology. We also require of them continuous training, at regular intervals, to stay up to date in their line of work.



With the call from governments and the public for businesses to identify their own best sustainability practices and to make deep operational changes, this has also had an effect on how you respond to this vital issue. Many customers now weigh their buying decisions on how ‘green’ a company is, making it important to succinctly get your message across. Attached can support you in molding this communication to your multilingual markets, whether it be for internal stakeholders or in public announcements.


Office The Hague

About our office in The Hague

Situated in the World Trade Center in the heart of the business district of The Hague, Attached has a unique perspective of the international stage. Stop by our 12th floor modern office space to enjoy the sweeping views of The Hague – and on a clear day, even Rotterdam.

Attached serves a broad range of global clients from our European headquarters. The industries represented are loyalty, aviation, tech, marketing and communications, higher education, recruitment, tourism, infrastructure, manufacturing, market research and legal. With 20+ years of knowledge and experience, we provide professional translation services and offer smart multilingual solutions to our clients in any language and on any platform.

About The Hague

The Hague is the third-largest city in the Netherlands situated on the west coast, earning it the moniker ‘The City by the Sea.’ It’s home to the International Court of Justice and is the political seat of the Netherlands, even though the official capital is Amsterdam. The working palace of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima is the Noordeinde Palace which is in the city centre. The top-notch cultural offerings, such as the Mauritshuis with paintings by Dutch masters, internationally renowned Nederlands Dans Theater, and the miniature park Madurodam, among many others, give The Hague colour and vibrancy. No wonder so many tourists are drawn to this city.

The Hague