Nieuws & blogs Attached – Now more than ever

Back in 2000…

Twenty years ago, when choosing the name for my company, I considered many factors. A couple were simply practical in those days. For example, it must start with an ‘A’ to be higher up in the Yellow Pages (remember those…?). And it must be in English to be easily pronounceable worldwide. But those were minor reasons.

The most important consideration was that the name must represent my vision: to form a connection or bond with clients, partners, suppliers and colleagues and to convey going the extra mile to support them in creating continuity for their business . ‘Attached’ was the perfect fit.

Not in a million years did I expect that this name would have so much relevance or verity twenty years after the company’s founding date.

at-tached [əˈtætʃt]: connected or joined to something; emotionally connected; having strong feelings of affection or connection.

2020: Attached and COVID-19

The impact of the current pandemic and the measures taken to fight it have been profound on every party we work with. For Attached, this goes beyond business, as it not only affects our clients and partners but also their customers, employees and sometimes families. COVID-19 is not exclusive.

To cope, we all need each other. So despite the social distancing, our attachment and connectedness to our clients and partners feel stronger than ever as we help them continue their international missions – in whatever way we can, in whatever language.

When I started up Attached twenty years ago, maintaining strong connections all across the globe would not have been as effortless as it is today. Since then, technology has developed exponentially, allowing me and my team to easily reach out to one another and connect with our partners worldwide – whether it be to meet a new supplier or just say ‘hi’ to a long-time customer.

What will be next?

Throughout the years, Attached has evolved into what it is today, preparing now for a future of which a lot is still in the unknown. One thing is certain though: in this process, the name Attached, and especially its meaning, will always remain a constant. And I’m proud to say, with the best team of professionals standing strongly behind it.

We remain connected and Attached to you, now more than ever.

Eveline van Sandick