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Do you want to ramp up your international business or already have an international website? It can sometimes be difficult to know where to start or if your communication is internationally compliant. To get you on your way, an audit of your website is an excellent point of departure. An audit gives you the right tools to grow internationally. Read on for the different types of audits.

What are Website Audits?

Website audits are thorough assessments of your website to understand how it’s performing and can be optimized. At Attached, we focus on 2 different types of audits: Content Audits and Tech Audits.

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International Content Audits

With an international content audit, one of our specialists will analyze your current content to answer:

  • Which languages should be included and which should be prioritized in your multilingual marketing and communications strategy?
  • How can you make your content culturally relevant? And how can you best respond to the reactions of various cultural and target audiences for optimal results?
  • What steps do we recommend to establish a consistent tone of voice for all your different international audiences? One way we do this is by creating a style guide.

International Tech Audits

In addition to content, the technical infrastructure of your website is critical to your international performance. For this, 2 aspects play an important role:

  • The extent to which the code of your website or app is also suitable for localization to other languages. This aspect is called internationalization, also known as i18n.
  • The extent to which smart workflows can be implemented to connect systems. The goal here is often an agile localization process and CI/CD (continuous integration and delivery).

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No localization without internationalization

Internationalization focuses on preparing your code to enable localization.

Our method

At Attached, we follow a strict methodology to ensure that our audits are thorough and effective. You can expect the following steps during the audits:

  • We define the scope and desired responses.
  • We put together the team of specialists.
  • We create the relevant questions to gain the desired insights.
  • We conduct the audit.
  • We analyze the results.
  • We create an action plan (including role division).
  • We implement the action plan.
  • We monitor progress and follow-up.

Get your website audited by Attached

With a thorough approach, we help you optimize your website for international success. To do so, we combine quality and technology. Do you have questions about this service or want to submit your questions? Then contact us today to discuss the possibilities and discover how an international website audit is the best first step towards global growth.

2 audit levels:

Light scope: for quick insights into optimization opportunities

Full scope: for an in-depth plan of action

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