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Fast translations at your fingertips

Sometimes you want to quickly translate a text yourself for the sake of time, volume or efficiency. Most of the time, applications such as Google Translate, DeepL or ChatGPT are used. This seems like a logical choice, since they are free, accessible and without administrative hassles. Yet there are also several drawbacks to them:

  • These applications don’t truly understand the language, which sometimes leads to very generic text.
  • These tools have no clue about your company’s differentiators.
  • Last but not least, the free versions of these tools use all your data for further training and therefore don’t provide any protection for confidential information. Actually, by using these tools, you are more than likely acting in violation of your company’s corporate security protocols.

To address this issue and enable companies to still use machine translation quickly but securely, Attached has developed AutoLoc.

About Attached AutoLoc

For many companies, there’s a desire to safely translate short, uncomplicated texts quickly themselves. Attached has answered this need with AutoLoc, a secure automated solution. With a simple integration, AutoLoc recognizes your company’s terminology and existing content that combines with a translation engine for quick and optimal results. You can then post-edit the text as you see fit.


Flexible accessibility

For optimal accessibility for your internal users, we place AutoLoc as a widget in your company’s online environment, for example Sharepoint. Or the widget can be made available elsewhere behind a separate login. Via custom solutions, AutoLoc can also be adapted to other, more integrated environments.

How AutoLoc works

Using AutoLoc is very easy. In the user-friendly interface, you select the source language and target language(s). You then add the text in the widget using drag and drop, dialog box or typing. At the touch of a button, you send the texts to the dedicated AutoLoc system at Attached. AutoLoc then returns the translation as a download within seconds – preserving the original formatting.

Accelerate your international growth with AutoLoc

With Attached AutoLoc, you can transform your translation process, improve the quality of your international communications, and give your company an edge in the global business world. Give your international communication the boost it deserves. Contact us today and discover the power of AutoLoc.


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