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Joris de Bruin
Joris de Bruin
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Some may believe there aren’t many Italian speakers outside of Italy, but you’ll find an additional 23 million globally. It’s also the official language of San Marino, Vatican City and Switzerland (along with French, German and Romansh). Investing in Italian translation services is worth it to make a good first impression, given the innovative industries in these regions.


In the world of languages, Italian is a masterpiece

People have long considered Italian a beautiful language, with its abundance of words ending in vowels and charming musicality. Across the world many Italian expressions are well known. Evolved from Latin, it has similarities with other Romance languages like Spanish and Portuguese. People in Albania, Malta, and Monaco still widely speak Italian, which used to have official status there.

Did you know that…

Italian has significantly influenced English and other Western languages? Common English words of Italian origin include broccoli, fiasco, propaganda, flu, lottery and zucchini.


Italian translations for a number of industries

Working with the Italian language offers businesses ample opportunities in diverse sectors. Italy is an important import and export market renowned for quality craftsmanship. Key industries in Italian-speaking countries include tourism, food and agriculture, financial services and manufacturing thanks to the influx of technology. Attached’s Italian certified translators are specialized in communications for your specific sector and the target country’s local regulations.

Translating Italian to English (and the other way around)

On the surface, translation from Italian to English seems simple if you speak both languages. However, there’s a lot more to translating than meets the eye. You’ll have to consider cultural differences (like levels of formality), typical customer interactions and faux pas. Italian translation services tackle much more than the language itself. This is essential to present your brand in a relevant and convincing way to your new audience.

Variants of the language are also something you’ll need to master. Many people often mistakenly consider Swiss Italian a dialect. Ticino and Graubünden have various dialects predominantly used in informal settings. Loan translations from French and German have added words to the English language that may not be understood in other places. These even include false friends (similar-looking words with significantly different meanings). While ‘licenziato’ describes a university graduate in Switzerland, it refers to someone who has been dismissed or fired in Italy (with ‘laureato’ being the Italian equivalent).

Your readers can immediately detect if you’ve written something with them in mind. Show them that they’re valued with native translators. An expert’s knowledge and insights improve your text for a lasting impact, going beyond just fixing spelling and vocabulary.

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Why choose a translation agency for Italian?

Only a professional can accurately reflect your text in its entirety – even when there’s no equivalent in the target language. Our Italian translators rework idiomatic expressions and cultural nuances in a way that’s suitable for your new market. Knowing the exact term that fits your specific document’s context requires expertise. For instance, if you’re translating a legal contract, you’ll need a good understanding of the legal systems in both countries. At Attached, we only work with experienced Italian translators we trust. They’ve been tested for their ability to translate texts with specialized terms and can expertly get your message across.

Whether you’re relocating or need to present official documents for an application or international office, our sworn translators can provide certified Italian translations. We can translate Italian from and into over 40 languages, including Arabic, French, German, Portuguese and Slovenian.

How does it work?

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Step 1

You send your files and information.

We can receive files through our quote form or via e-mail. Please provide us with as much information as possible about your requirements so we can find the best solution for you. 

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Step 2

We check your documents.

Our team will review your request and consider which solution would meet your specific needs. 

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Step 3

We choose the best Italian translator.

Our global community of native translators ensures we can find the perfect match for your project. They have a deep understanding of your target audience and experience translating similar materials. 

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Step 4

We send a detailed quote.

After determining the services and linguists to suit your needs, we’ll provide a quote with the project cost and estimated turnaround time. 

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Step 5

The translator begins their work.

As soon as you’ve given the green light, the translator can start adapting your text into the required language based on your requirements. 

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Step 6

The reviewer meticulously proofreads the translation.

A second linguist will review the translator’s work and make the necessary corrections. After that, we’ll run quality checks to make sure we haven’t missed anything. Your translation will be available on our Client Portal. 

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Step 7

You let us know your thoughts.

Feel free to reach out to us with any inquiries or feedback. Were happy to tweak the Italian translation to better fit your requirements.

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Now what?

Italian translation services by Attached

Our proven track record and collaboration with clients and linguists set us apart. We work closely with your team to find the right solution for your business. Your success is our priority.

Interested in what we can offer you?

Our proven track record and collaboration with clients and linguists set us apart. We work closely with your team to find the right solution for your business. Your success is our priority.

About Attached’s Italian translation services

We’re dedicated to providing solutions tailored to your needs, partners and customers. Attached, an (Italian) translation agency, has been aiding people and businesses in cross-lingual communication for 20+ years. As our ISO 17100:2015 and ISO 18587 certifications attest, we pull out all the stops to deliver impeccable Italian translation services.

Your documents are always adapted to the chosen language using the best services and tools. A dedicated translation memory and glossaries for brand- or industry-specific terms keep your translations consistent every time.

We offer clear communication and a straightforward process starting from the beginning and continuing until the end. Our 24/7 helpdesk lets you get in touch at any time.

Deploy technology

Translation Memory

Translation Memory

All your translations are stored in your own translation memory (TM). This increases speed and consistency in future translations, so your brand and communication style is always recognizable to your target audience.

Term Base

Term Base

Do you already have a glossary or want us to help you create one? No problem! This ensures that only validated terms, like product names, are used in your translations.

CMS Integrations

CMS Integrations

With smart integration to your CMS, we offer fast, user-friendly and secure translation workflows – and with less chance of errors due to manual copy-and-paste!

Machine Translation (MT)

Machine Translation (MT)

Machine Translation (MT) was already in full development and has gained even more momentum with ever-developing AI capabilities.


Prices for Italian translation services vary based on the nature of the document, file format, specialism, deadline, and other project requirements. As we work with technology to save you time and money, we’ll need an editable file to maintain the formatting in the translated materials. We can convert files (e.g., PDF to Word), but this will increase the turnaround time and investment.
My document hasn’t been finalized. Can I get an estimate quote?

Yes – we can give you an estimate if you tell us as much as possible about the final file. Contact a member of the team about the subject area, number of pages and language combination.

When we receive your request, we’ll consider several factors. Turnaround times depend on the number of words to translate, the format, content, reference materials, etc. We’ll let you know how long it will take to translate your documents at the quoting stage before the project starts.
Your materials and data are safe with us and will only be used to carry out the agreed services.
The ISO 17100:2015 certification provides requirements for delivering a high-quality translation service. ISO 18587 covers full machine translation (MT) post-editing (correcting texts by an MT engine to the same quality as a professional translation). We adhere to the processes laid out by these international standards.
While native editors and proofreaders are available, we recommend working with trained professionals from the outset. This eliminates delays and any extra work for your team
We can accommodate last-minute requests and offer a 24/7 helpdesk if an urgent job arises. Get in touch for more details and to discuss your options.

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