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Joris de Bruin
Joris de Bruin
Localization Project Manager

If there’s one language that’s increasingly in demand, it’s Spanish. As the official language in 20 countries, it has more than 450 million speakers worldwide. With distinct variants and dialects, it’s even more crucial to choose the right words. Professional Spanish translation services with native translators bridge the gap to truly speak to your intended audience.


Spanish: A language that exudes timeless elegance

Spanish has a lot of beauty and history. This expressive Romance language has evolved over the centuries, resulting in a number of regional varieties and rich vocabulary. One word in English can have several translations with specific meanings and contexts. In business, numerous industries widely use Spanish, especially the financial, retail, education, legal, and arts sectors.


Las mejores traducciones al español

Many markets are in need of quality Spanish translation services – including the United States. With 22% more Spanish speakers than Spain and 12% more than Colombia, the United States is a key Spanish-speaking market. Even if they are bilingual, consumers would rather shop in their native language. To be effective, the readers’ entire experience must be seamless. A good translation is seamless and effectively communicates with the intended readers, disguising its origin from a different language. You achieve this by ensuring the translation flows naturally and the target audience easily understands it. Our Spanish translators expertly convey the original material’s style and tone to your chosen market.

Translating Spanish to English (and the other way around)

Many agree that Spanish is one of the easiest languages for English speakers to learn. However, high proficiency in Spanish doesn’t necessarily make translation a walk in the park, since there is already a huge difference between European Spanish and Latin American Spanish.

Historical and cultural changes over the centuries have made the language evolve significantly across Spanish-speaking regions. This has resulted in different variations with their own grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation (such as ‘seseo’ in Latin America and parts of Spain, where the letters C and Z are pronounced as ‘s’ rather than ‘th’). The same words can have very different meanings depending on where you are. Our community of professional Spanish translators are familiar with the local lexicon, adapting your text into perfect English.

When translating from English into Spanish, you should anticipate 20–25% text expansion, or even more if an abbreviation doesn’t exist in the target language. This can be particularly tricky when working with character limits (e.g., buttons on apps on websites or subtitles). Attached’s native translators and experts can overcome these challenges to match the original layout or audio.

We can also arrange the required services between Spanish and other languages, such as French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Russian.

Why choose a translation agency for Spanish?

Although speakers from different countries can understand each other, there is no ‘universal’ or ‘neutral’ Spanish. Customers want to feel fully understood and valued if you want their trust. While humour can delight audiences in certain cultures, it could fall flat in others. Partnering with a translation agency allows your materials to be localized to the exact countries you’re targeting.

When it comes to Spanish, how you address your customers is perhaps one of the most important things to consider. A key grammatical difference across Spanish variants is the formal and informal forms of ‘you’ and their verb conjugations. In Spain, ‘tú’ and ‘vosotros’ are the informal singular and plural pronouns. The formal versions ‘usted’ and ‘ustedes’ are used in less formal settings in Latin America, where ‘vosotros’ has fallen out of use. In some countries like Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, ‘vos’ replaces ‘tú’. Using the wrong pronoun can create distance between you and your customers.

For your texts to achieve the intended goal and appeal to your new readers, you’ll need native translators who know all about the target culture. Our consultants step in before translation begins to discuss your central message, so your brand identity is consistent yet culturally relevant.

How does it work?

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Step 1

You share your files and tell us more about you.

To get started, send us your documents along with as much detail as possible about your requirements. This helps us customize our solutions to meet your needs. You can get in touch via our quote form or e-mail. 

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Step 2

We look at your files and requirements.

We’ll review your request and decide how to adapt your text to your target language. 

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Step 3

We pick the best Spanish translator.

We’ll check our network of native translators to find the most experienced professional for your project. They’ll be a specialist in your field with in-depth knowledge of the right target market. 

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Step 4

We get back to you with a detailed quote.

Once we confirm the necessary services and linguists for your project, well send a quote including the cost, estimated turnaround time and a breakdown of how we plan to meet your requirements.

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Step 5

The translator starts once you give the go-ahead.

After agreeing on a solution, price and timeframe, we’ll begin the translation process and adapt your text as required. 

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Step 6

The reviewer checks the translation against the original text.

A thorough check is performed by a native reviewer, who corrects any errors in the translation. Before we send your files back via the Client Portal, well run final quality assurance checks to confirm that the translation is error-free.

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Step 7

You tell us what you think.

We greatly appreciate any feedback you may have. If you have any questions or comments, or want us to make some changes, feel free to get in touch. 

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Now what?

Spanish translation services by Attached

Our proven track record and collaboration with clients and linguists set us apart. We work closely with your team to find the right solution for your business. Your success is our priority.

Interested in what we can offer you?

Our proven track record and collaboration with clients and linguists set us apart. We work closely with your team to find the right solution for your business. Your success is our priority.


Innovative translation solutions

We use the latest technology to support our work and save you considerable time. Our team can create custom workflows and have the right professionals on hand to meet your needs. All our tools can allow multiple translators to work on your files if you have an urgent deadline. Having your own translation memory and glossaries improves accuracy and consistency, reducing the workload for any updates or similar texts.

About Attached’s Spanish translation services

Having amassed over 20 years’ experience in facilitating communications for clients like you, Attached is committed to working closely with businesses and individuals for each project to meet your specific requirements. We’re an ISO 17100:2015- and ISO 18587-certified company, and our vetting and quality assurance processes guarantee quality work every time.

Our Spanish translation services include certified Spanish translation for official use by an institution in the relevant country. Sworn translators can translate your documents (ID, contracts, business licence, etc.) and provide an official stamp and signature.

Deploy technology

Translation Memory

Translation Memory

All your translations are stored in your own translation memory (TM). This increases speed and consistency in future translations, so your brand and communication style is always recognizable to your target audience.

Term Base

Term Base

Do you already have a glossary or want us to help you create one? No problem! This ensures that only validated terms, like product names, are used in your translations.

CMS Integrations

CMS Integrations

With smart integration to your CMS, we offer fast, user-friendly and secure translation workflows – and with less chance of errors due to manual copy-and-paste!

Machine Translation (MT)

Machine Translation (MT)

Machine Translation (MT) was already in full development and has gained even more momentum with ever-developing AI capabilities.


Prices for Spanish translation services vary based on the nature of the document, file format, specialism, deadline, and other project requirements. As we work with technology to save you time and money, we’ll need an editable file to maintain the formatting in the translated materials. We can convert files (e.g., PDF to Word), but this will increase the turnaround time and cost.
Yes – we can give you an estimate if you tell us as much as possible about the final file. Contact a member of the team about the subject area, number of pages and language combination.
When we receive your request, we’ll consider several factors. Turnaround times depend on the number of words to translate, the format, content, reference materials, etc. We’ll let you know how long it will take to translate your documents.
Your materials and data are safe with us and will only be used to carry out the agreed services.
The ISO 17100:2015 certification provides requirements for delivering a high-quality translation service. ISO 18587 covers full machine translation (MT) post-editing (correcting texts by an MT engine to the same quality as a professional translation). We adhere to the processes laid out by these international standards.
While native editors and proofreaders are available, we recommend working with trained professionals from the outset. This eliminates delays and any extra work for your team.
We can accommodate last-minute requests and offer a 24/7 helpdesk if an urgent job arises. Get in touch for more details and to discuss your options.

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